Episode 3

Actor Turned Pastor Markus Lloyd


June 8th, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 48 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

There are just some conversations that take longer to have and this is one of those. Grabbing a cup of coffee and carving out time to sit and discuss face to face with a friend is something many of us are craving. There is a longing to connect via discussion with someone you know who knows you and not just from what they gathered on the internet. Childhood/teenage friendships that survive into adulthood truly offer a unique position of familiarity. As an adult it is comforting to reconnect with past friends who knew you in your most pure form before being jaded by responsibility.

Markus is a friend that you could not see for years and slip right back into a level of comfort you forgot existed. Even though he has lived a “glamourous life” of being an actor in LA with a super famous best friend and a Broadway award winning sister, it does not matter. Markus is all too familiar with the life he left in LA and the perks of fame and fortune. His conscious decision to plant roots back in Texas and live his life grounded in his work and family was not something he casually pursued. Markus knew as a black man married to a white woman with biracial children in Texas, he would not have a linear path to happiness. Part of the work he has found so rewarding is with Threaded. For the last few years Markus has been providing a platform for conversations about racial issues to occur amongst different groups in his community. The national conversation that is happening currently is one he gently navigates with tremendous ease. He has found a way to maintain his talent of acting and entertainment while honoring true personal success.

Two words to describe this fascinating story: Dressing Room

IG: @themarkuslloyd

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Woodcreek Church

Web: http://wearethreaded.org

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