Episode 6

Kathryn Whitaker, Lover of BBQ & Sweet Tea


June 29th, 2020

37 mins 50 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Sure. Texas is known for barbeque, cattle, land, cowboys, football, and BIG personalities! What most
people don’t know is just how different each part of Texas is from each other. The cities are filled with
restaurants, museums, theater, and sporting events. The rural spots are packed with hometown
parades, fishing holes, mom & pop establishments, and everybody knowing everybody. Something else
that is shocking is the dialect of Texan that is spoken throughout the state. A true Texan can hear an
accent and tell you where someone is from in the state. East Texas does not sound like West Texas and
people from the cities often have no accent at all.

This week features my favorite West Texas gal, Kathryn Whitaker. From the moment she says anything, I
feel at home. Not because I’m from West Texas, but because I went to college there. We did a “freaky
Friday”. I left the city and went to the panhandle and she left the panhandle and went to…well College
Station. Pour a glass of sweet tea (although I love unsweet), crack open a Dr. Pepper, or just get a nice
cold one out of the fridge.

This conversation will lead you deeper into the charm that everyone loves
about Kathryn. The best part is everyone is gonna learn something about her that they didn’t already
know…I guarantee it.

Two words to describe this fascinating story: JOHNNY FOOTBALL

P.S. Make sure to catch Kathryn Tuesday, June 30th from 3-4 EST on SIRIUSXM Channel 129 with her
very own special!

FB: Kathryn Whitaker
IG: kwhitaker96
You Tube: Kathryn Whitaker
Blog: teamwhitaker.org
Web: linktr.ee/kwhitaker96
Book: Live Big, Love Bigger (also available in audiobook)

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